About Coach Haus

Coach Haus - Innovative Garage Systems provides the complete answer in custom design and installation services for your Garage.

We combine expertise, superior products and state-of-the-art capabilities, together with our clients' appreciation of order and purposeful design, to convert the garage into an optimal utilitarian and aesthetically engaging space. For condominium owners, our Specialty Flooring Systems and Infrared Radiant Heaters, magically extend the beauty of your home onto your terrace or balcony.

The Coach Haus experience evolves from custom-design options which include high-tech, low-maintenance "Liquid Granite" Epoxy Flooring, Modular and Custom Cabinetry, Specialty Storage and Organizational Systems, as well as master-engineered Heating, Sound, Lighting, Remote Automation and Multi-media Installations.

With our commitment to consummate quality and service, the potential at your threshold can be transformed into a place of utility, comfort, and organization - the natural completion to your home.
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