Epoxy Coatings

Have Coach Haus master craftsmen customize your garage or terrace floor into a beautifully resilient, maintenance and stain-free extension of your home. No more concrete dirt and dust. Transform your garage from dingy to dazzling! Add style and visual space to your terrace, deck or porch! Enjoy the care-free, beautiful spaces that Coach Haus Systems can create for you.

Choose from high-gloss Granite Design for the look of granite or terrazzo flooring, Quartz crystal for the depth of a designer stone look, or Solid Colour with our patented State-of-the-Art Epoxy and Urethane finishing system.

The array of patterns and colours allows for an effortless method of complementing and expanding the visual flow between your home and garage or your condominium and terrace.

Not only will your floor be beautiful; it will be resilient - oil, stain, salt, hot-tire, automotive-fluid, chemical and slip-resistant and waterproof!

Liquid Granite
Chip Flooring System used to coat concrete floors. Several different epoxies and urethanes are available with this system.

Color Quartz
Color Selector and Blends Formula

Here's how it's done:
Your floor is cleaned and mechanically processed to produce a concrete surface profile which prepares it to accept adhesion of Epoxy and chemical-resistant Polyurethane. The Epoxy is applied together with a broadcast of granite chips - a technique that produces a unique, artistic quality to the flooring while providing substrata protection from abrasion, wear and chemical attack. The process is completed with the addition of topcoats which are added to intensify the floor's resilience. The result is a floor that looks beautiful, is resistant to oil, salt, chemical stains, is waterproof, easy to clean, slip-resistant, can handle punishment, is virtually maintenance-free and can be installed in 2-3 days!

Car Enthusiasts:
Showcase and protect your treasured "pride and joy"!

Savour the setting for your car that matches its value and enjoy cleaning and polishing in an environment that is waterproof and oil, salt, stain and dirt-resistant.

Condominium Owners:
Extend your home's environment onto your balcony or terrace, while protecting your balcony structure from the elements. Not only does our Flooring look like granite, it has the features of granite: sleek, sophisticated and completely easy to care for - Create a perfect setting for your outdoor enjoyment!

You'll be FLOORED with the results! GUARANTEED!

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