Organizational Systems

For the Love of Organization and Care and Ease of Access to everything you need...

Coach Haus uses an extensive, durable, space-saving and infinitely versatile System of Shelving, Storage and Cabinets that reconfigure your garage space to perfectly suit your individual needs.

Adjustable ventilated shelving, slotwalls, and heavy duty grid can be installed and adapted to organize and store all of your tools, gardening supplies, sports equipment, craft and hobby materials, pet supplies, yard furniture, luggage, strollers etc. The possibilities are endless and as your requirements change over time, the components can be reconfigured, added to and re-adapted to changing needs.

Each organizer is made from heavy gauge steel that is powder coated in a distinctive natural granite colour with a thick, rugged, protective coating to protect from marring and scratching.

Melamine cabinets are a complementary gray colour and protect and hide stored items.

All of you sports enthusiasts, garden enthusiasts, workshop enthusiasts, animal lovers;

All of you who yearn for order and more accessible storage...

Be Creative!

Think... sports equipment station, exercise nook, gardening hub, project workshop, mudroom, dog run and pet shower. Entertain every possibility for your enjoyment and convenience!

Whatever makes your life interests more inviting and satisfying is the goal of Coach Haus' expertise and services.

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